We are OPEN to the public Tuesday May 19th! Please read our “New Normal” here at Leisure

The “New Normal” at Leisure Trailer Sales

Hello campers.  Boy have we missed you!  We have FANTASTIC NEWS!!!  We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!  Starting Tuesday, May 19th we will be opening our doors to the public.  We cannot wait to see each and every one of you!  The safety and well being of our employees and YOU, our customers are our top priority.  Now, more than ever.

You will see many changes here at our dealership.  We have been working very hard over the last month prepping our showroom and service areas to keep all of us safe.

Here are a few of the changes you’ll be seeing:

  • Plexiglass will be installed on our front reception counter as well as our back service counter.
  • Customers will no longer be able to go through our back service shop nor will they be able to go through our back door for service drop offs. The only point of entry into our store is our front door.
  • Once we reopen, we strongly urge our customers to pay with credit or debit for contact-less transactions. We will take cash but we really would rather not.  Please keep this in mind.
  • Anyone who enters our dealership must wear a mask. There is NO exception to this.  If you arrive with no mask, you may purchase one for $2.  This is not only for your safety, but our employees safety as well.
  • We can only have 12 customers inside our store at one time. This is to make sure we keep social distancing in place for our staff and our customers.  You will see markings on our floor with arrows.  Please follow them
  • When you enter our store, you must sanitize your hands. There is NO exception to this.
  • Please practice social distancing when you are inside our store. You must remain 6 feet away from other customers as well as our employees.
  • Our public washroom is closed and so is our coffee station
  • Our hours of operation are as follows: Monday – Friday 8:30-5:00 and Saturdays 8:30-4:00
  • ALL RVs will be locked at all times. If you’d like to see one of the trailers, we will have one of our sales associates escort you to out.  You will need to wear a mask when dealing with our sales associates.  There is no exception to this
  • There will be multiple hand sanitizer stations around. Please feel free to use them
  • Any service work (external or warranty) must be made by appointment only. In the past as many of you know, we allowed drop offs at any time to fill in empty slots.  If your trailer requires any kind of service, an appointment MUST be made.  You cannot show up and leave your trailer here to be worked on “when we get around to it”.  If you show up with an unscheduled appointment, you will be asked to make an appointment and take your trailer back home with you until your appointment date.
  • Service appointments that are made – you can drop off your trailer the day of the appointment, or one day before.  Once you’ve made your service appointment you will be sent a “Service Procedure Drop Off” email
  • Once you have been informed that your trailer work is complete and it’s ready for pick up, you will have 3 days to pick it up. If it is left any longer you will be charged $10/day until it is picked up.
  • Counter tops, our debit machine and door handles will be sanitized thoroughly and multiple times throughout the day


Now that we are re-opened, our sales, service and parts department will be overwhelmed with customers and phone calls, as you can imagine.  Not only did we have to post-pone many service appointments that were already booked in, but we are now dealing with 2+ months of people needing trailers fixed or replacement parts.  We will try our best to get everyone taken care of in a timely manner.  We are learning as we go.  We will not tolerate fowl language or disrespect shown to ANY of our employees.  You will be asked to leave immediately.  Please be kind and patient with us.  Keep in mind, we had no control over any of this.  None of us did.  These are unprecedented times we are dealing with.

We hope you understand and appreciate the measures we’ve taken to keep you and our employees safe.  We’ve never had to deal with anything like this in over 60 years.  It’s the “new normal” for us and everyone around the world.  These guidelines and changes have been put in place to keep everyone safe.  A lot of you have been customers for many, many years.  You know that Team Leisure is all about family.  You’re all included in “our family”.  We can’t stress enough how important your safety is to us.


Thank you for all your continued support during these difficult times.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Thank you for helping out our small business.  And thank you for all your well wishes.


Much love,

The Raymond Family