RV Extended Warranty

Coverage of the following components means peace of mind for you & protection for your investment.


Water Heater – Burner Assembly, Tank, Thermostat, Thermocouple, Gas Valve, Heating Elements, Electronic Assembly, Wiring Harness, Switches, Fittings and Connections, P.C. Boards, Bypass Valves, Pressure Relief Valve, Seals and Gaskets.

Waste System – Shower, Toilet, Sinks, Holding Tanks, Gate Valves, Fittings and Connections, Vacuum Breaker, Float Assembly, Ball Valve, Slide Valve, Water Inlet, Seals and Gaskets.

Fresh Water System – Water Pump, Compressor, Water Tank, Water Lines, Traps, Fittings and Connections, Faucets, Seals and Gaskets.

Air Conditioning/Ventilation (Central Air or Roof Mounted 110volts) – Compressor, Evaporator, Capacitors, Relays, Thermostat, Heat Strips, Heat Pump, Condenser, Expansion Valve, Accumulator, Receiver/Dryer, Blower Motor, Switches, Electronic Module, Reversing Valve, P.C. Boards, Pressure Cycling Switch, Ventilation Fans, Ducts and Control Panel, High/Low Cut Off Switches, Seals and Gaskets.

Range and Oven – Burner Assembly, Thermostat, Thermocouple, Burner Valves, Microwave Oven, Power Hood, P.C. Board, LP Fittings and Connections, Ignition Assembly, Seals and Gaskets

LP Gas System – Regulators, Valves, Gauges, Mounting Brackets, Pigtails, Gas Line Fittings and Shut-Off System, Gas Bottles, Gas Bottle Valve, Seals and Gaskets.

Heating System – Furnace Igniter, Burner Assembly, Thermocouple, Gas Valve, Thermostat, Blower Motor, P.C. Board, Heat Pump, Heat Strips, Reversing Valve, Control Panel, LP Fittings and Connections, Heat Exchanger, Squirrel Cage, Time Delay Relay, Switches, Seals and Gaskets.

Refrigerator – Thermostat, Thermocouple, Compressor, Evaporator, Burner Assembly, Cooling Unit, Condenser, Blower Fan, Igniter, P.C. Board, LP Fittings and Connections, Control Panel, Elements, Switches, Seals and Gaskets.

Auxiliary Powerplant Assembly – All internally lubricated parts of the Powerplant engine, Starter, Switches, Generator Assembly, Power Converter, Power Inverter, Voltage Regulator, Gauges, Interior Monitor/Control Panel, P.C. Board, Head and/or Cylinder Block if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part, Hour Meter, Factory installed 12/110/220V Electrical System, Wiring, Outlets, Solar Panels, Transfer Switch.

Power Step and Pop-Up Mechanism – Factory installed or factory approved dealer installed, Manual or Electrical Crank Assembly and Cables.

Suspension (does not apply to Slide-in Camper or Park Model) – Wheel Bearings, Coil and Leaf Springs, Spindles, Axle Shafts, Seals and Gaskets.

Brakes (does not apply to Slide-In Camper or Park Model) – Drums, Master Cylinder, Hydraulic and Electric Brakes Actuator, Backing Plates, Seals and Gaskets.

SUPERIOR – In addition to all the listed components, we will pay for any breakdown of all other parts except those listed under Exclusions in your Policy/Contract. The following Coverage/Services are optional under Coach Coverage/Services. (An additional charge will apply.)

Deluxe Appliance/Accessories – Rear Monitor System, Ice Maker, Freezer, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer (excluding belts and hoses), Trash Compactor, Central Vacuum Cleaner System, External Barbecue, Spot Light System, Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector, Alarm Sensors, Propane Leak Detector, Garbage Disposal, Electronic Remote Entrance, Thermometer, Compass, Central Locking System, Power Seat System, Awning Mechanism (excluding cover), Hood and Door Hinges, Hood Latches and Springs, Door Handles and Locks, Seat Tracks, Interior/Exterior Light Fixtures (excluding bulbs), Electrical Outlets, Glove Box Door Hinges and Lock, Thermostat, Water Purifier, Fireplace.

Levelling Jack System (factory installed or factory approved dealer installed) – Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic Coach Levelling System.

Slide-Out Room(s) – Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic, Slide-Out Room and Raised Roof Extension Systems.

Audio/Video (factory installed or factory approved dealer installed) – TV’s up to 32″(Limited to a maximum of two (2) TV claims for term of Policy/Contract), Antenna Motors, VCR/CD/DVD Player, Rear Stereo System (excluding speakers).


24/7 Roadside Assistance
– Tire and Locksmith Services up to $50
– Towing for your unit up to $300

On-Site Assistance (travel trailers, fifth wheels and park models only)
– Up to $400 in the event of an eligible mechanical breakdown, if your unit is parked in a long-term campground

Rental Coverage/Services
– $50 per day (up to $250) in rental vehicle coverage in the event of an eligible mechanical breakdown

Towing for tow vehicle
– A one-time benefit of up to $100 in the event of an eligible mechanical breakdown of your vehicle.

Trip Interruption
– $100 per day (up to $300) in lodgning and meal expenses in the event of an eligible mechanical breakdown occurring more than 150km from your home which results in an overnight repair.

Reducing Deductible
-Return to your selling dealership for an eligible repair and your deductible will be reduced by $50.

-If you choose to sell your travel trailer privately, any unused coverage/services will be transferable to the purchaser, increasing the reseal value of your investment.


The following Coverage/Services are optional under ALL PLANS – An additional charge will apply.

High-Tech (factory installed or factory approved dealer installed) – Global Positioning Systems (GPS), TV’s (limited to a maximum of two (2) TV claims for term of Policy/Contract), Satellite.

Guaranteed Price Refund – Referred as “GPR” in your Policy/Contract

The choice is yours – SAL Protection Plans puts you in the driver’s seat. Choose the term that’s best for you, then choose from three deductible levels; $50, $100 or $200.

SAL Protection Plan’s peace of mind doesn’t end with repair coverage/services. The benefits below are yours, no matter which coverage/service option you choose.

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