Nine Advantages of Buying an RV From a Dealer

Nine Advantages of Buying an RV From a Dealer

Hello to one and all, welcome to Leisure Trailer Sales. If you’re online searching for, “RV dealers near me”, and you’re in Ontario, look no further! Leisure Trailer Sales are based in the beautiful town of Tecumseh and are poised to serve all in the Southern Ontario area and beyond. We have been a family-owned and operated business since 1957, that’s over half a century of helping wonderful families like yours get into the RVs, trailers, and fifth wheels they’ve always dreamt of. With the technology and home comforts available in today’s RVs and trailers, there’s never been a better time to consider buying an RV, whether new, or new to you, RV; spring is upon us, and that means for some, camping season is ramping up, which makes this the ideal time to consider an upgrade, or for some, a first RV purchase. Leisure Trailer Sales have a wealth of experience in the industry, and that’s why we have put together this post explaining the distinct advantages of buying an RV from a dealer like Leisure Trailer Sales.

1 – Market Pricing

When you’re buying an RV at a dealer, amongst the many advantages you’re likely to encounter is the way the pricing is structured. When buying a used RV at a dealer, the pricing tends to be market-based – this means that the dealer is using industry-standard guide books to let them know what the RV is truly worth based upon age, condition, make, model and features. This ensures that you will be getting the very best RV deal, as the dealer has to remain competitive with any other RV trader selling a similar model, and just making up a price simply won’t cut it! Even if you’re looking at new RVs for sale, you’ll find that by purchasing at a dealer, rather than at a trade show, you can find much better deals. RV Dealers in Ontario build up relationships with RV manufacturers, sometimes over decades, which means that they’re able to offer exclusive pricing, offers, and incentives that simply aren’t available at trade show stalls. Not only are prices likely to be better, but you can often get accessories or upgraded features thrown into your deal at an RV dealer too.

2 – Private sellers are often not finished paying

If you’ve been looking for a used RV for sale Ontario, you might very well be tempted to start looking through classified ads in your local paper, or perhaps craigslist, even RV Trader. You arrive at the seller’s house and they talk up the RV, but they want a lot more than the local RV dealer is asking for – this doesn’t mean that the RV dealer’s price is too good to be true, 9 times out of 10 it means that the owner still owes money on it, perhaps more than it’s even worth! In these scenarios, you’re going to find that the owner will try to sell it for what they think it’s worth, to try and recoup some of their losses, unlike an RV dealer who would sell it for what it’s actually worth based on real-world variables.

3 – Private Parties may not share all the details of the trailer’s history

When buying an RV from a private party, you always need to exercise caution in a couple of other areas too – the owner may have covered up damage, either water damage from leaks, or perhaps worse, accident damage.  If you’re buying from a reputable RV dealer in Ontario like Leisure RV Sales, you’re going to find that there’s complete transparency about the history of any RV on the lot.

4 – Selection

An RV dealer has an advantage over any other entity selling an RV, be it a trade show or a private party, and that is a proper selection of trailers. At an RV dealer, you are going to find that you have many different floor plans to choose from, you’re also going to find all the different styles;

When buying an RV, you’re making, in many cases, a significant investment, so this is not a purchase that should be taken lightly or ‘settled’ on. You need to make sure the RV you’re buying is just right for you and your family’s needs, and as such, you need a wide variety to choose from, the kind of variety that can only be found at an RV dealer such as Leisure Trailers.

5 – New RVs

Another major advantage of an RV dealership like Leisure Trailer Sales has over private parties is new RVs. If you’ve got your heart set on a brand new travel trailer or fifth wheel, whether it’s because you like the smell, or you want it custom specified from the factory, you simply have to buy from an RV dealer. New RVs allow for so many bespoke fixtures and fittings, that if you plan to make this an RV to fit your needs exactly, this will be the gold standard way to do it. New RVs also come with a fresh factory warranty and a guaranteed clean history, with no accidents, leaks, or other skeletons in the closet.

6 – Pre-sale Inspection

When buying an RV from a dealer like Leisure Trailer Sales, you’re going to get one of the most valuable services out there in the RV and trailer world – a pre-sale inspection. This applies to both pre-owned RVs and new RVs, and this is something you really don’t want to miss out on getting. RV inspections typically include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Checking the paintwork, and the condition of the body and undercarriage
  • Looking for scratches, as well as more serious damage like cracks and dents
  • Inspecting for rust
  • Checking the tires for tread depth and uneven wear
  • Checking for signs of serious leaks
  • Checking all glass panes for damage and proper sealing
  • Checking to make sure interior fixtures and fittings are still straight and true, especially looking for easy, smooth operation of doors and drawers
  • Checking the electrical systems for safety
  • Checking the gas systems for safety
  • Checking the sewage system for signs of leakage and correct overall operation
  • Inspection of the tow rigging
  • Inspection of all municipal connections
  • Overall structural integrity check

Not all of these checks will apply to new RVs, but Leisure Trailer Sales take their commitment to excellence seriously, and while we sell some of the finest RVs available today, we choose to ‘trust but verify’ that the factory’s work is up to our standards.

7 – Finance

The list of advantages of buying a new or pre-owned RV from a dealer keeps growing and growing! RVs can range in price up to 6 figures, and many people choose to purchase their trailers and spread the payments over a number of years. When you buy with an RV dealership, you’re going to get more rv finance options than you will at a trade show or private sale – with trade shows and private party sales you’re generally limited to cash, or external financing, which are all well and good; but RV dealers can get access to special RV financing through some of the biggest banks thanks to the relationships they build with the financiers in this very specialist niche of personal loans. The benefits of this are of course choice. If you have less than stellar credit, you may not qualify with personal financing, and you either may not have or don’t want to part with a large sum of cash from savings in one go. Specialist RV financing from your dealer can assist with this; the banks work with us to get the best rates and the best chances of approval, meaning you’re one step closer to your dream RV and many years of vacations and memory making with your family and friends.

8 – Service contracts, warranties, and extended warranties

Further advantages of purchasing your new or pre-owned RV for a dealership like Leisure Trailer Sales are the opportunities to protect your investment. Of course, buying an RV from a private party means it is used, and not all manufacturers will honor warranties from subsequent owners, even if the unit is nearly new. When you purchase a new RV at Leisure Trailers, you’re going to get the full advantages of the comprehensive factory warranties that are available. When you purchase a pre-owned or used RV or trailer, Leisure can assist you in getting an extended warranty. This is highly recommended as it will protect your purchase against defects and issues that may arise due to the nature of the RV lifestyle. Purchasing from a private party means you’re buying ‘as is’, and you don’t have the option of an RV extended warranty from the moment you haul it away, putting your investment, your new home on wheels, in danger of jeopardy unnecessarily. Leisure Trailers provides many options for extended warranties, and our team would be more than happy to discuss the finer points of them with you should you decide to come down to the RV dealer lot.

9 – After sale support

Choosing to buy your RV from a dealership also means you’re going to benefit from after sale support. If you find any niggles, anything you’re not happy with, a reputable dealer like Leisure Trailer Sales will take a look and see what they can do for you. RV Dealers also have the benefit of master certified RV technicians on site, meaning your repairs are going to be undertaken by, in many cases, factory trained specialists. Obviously, with a sizeable investment like an RV, you’re going to want to ensure it runs smoothly for many years to come, and having trustworthy, and knowledgeable people performing your repairs is worth its weight in gold. Just like your car, an RV also requires routine and scheduled maintenance to keep it running at its best. The highly trained techs at a dealer like Leisure RV Sales Ontario are going to be able to perform this maintenance for you to the highest standards possible, this also has the advantage of potentially upholding the value of your trailer or RV against depreciation for longer. If you bring it back to the same tech for service regularly, they’ll also get to know your RV, and what its history is. Another benefit is that if in years to come, you decide to upgrade, your service tech who is well versed with your unit is going to know exactly how to perform the install! Whether that’s an air conditioning unit, heating unit, Electronics, etc. In addition, a dealer will have the OEM parts you need on site and ready to fit. If you’ve bought from a private party, you may have to order those parts and fit them yourself, or have an unknown entity do the install from you – not an ideal situation!   So there we have it, nine compelling reasons why you should make your next RV purchase at an RV dealer! Leisure Trailer Sales have been working hard for generations to build the trust of the community, both for local RV buyers and even for those driving out of their way to see us. Our business has spanned multiple generations, and we even find that because of our history, we get multiple generations of families coming to purchase their RV from our lot. So, if you’re buying a used RV Ontario, or you’re looking for something brand new and shiny, we have it all! We are proud to be an official dealer of some of the biggest brands in the industry such as Jayco, Coachmen RV, KZ RV Travel Trailers, and even Winnebago. Not all dealers will be authorized to sell these big names, and can’t provide the same level of service and after care as we can here at Leisure Trailers. If you’re a first-time purchaser from Leisure Trailers, we can’t wait to welcome you to the family, if you’re a regular, we can’t wait to welcome you back. We are RV enthusiast ourselves here, so getting you into the best RV for your needs is our priority – call today to find out more, or better yet, come by our lot and see the amazing selection we have to offer – see you soon!